Thursday, August 24, 2006


How Goes My Cigarette Status?

Well I have a half of a pack and another unopened one - this will last me through the weekend.  I have some money coming to me and I am just visualizing in my head my going to the store and buying a carton - instead of just a few packs!

I notice people coming into the gas station (its where the cigarettes are the cheapest priced) buying a pack but this is not me.  What's the since in buying a pack (only if that's all the money I have to spend) when I know that I will be in the next day!  I usually smoke a pack a day and its more if I'm nervous (for example like being nervous about running out of cigarettes!) or if there is some crisis to be faced!  So I'd rather buy the carton as opposed to buying a pack here and there.  We really, really should get a discount if we buy a carton!

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